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Jumping With Joy

I want to share an interesting experience that I’ve recently had.  I want to share it not only because I find it intriguing, but also because I’m hoping that even just one person will find some helpfulness or find a spark of a positive outlook in themselves from it as well.

My husband runs a successful IT business for himself. He is very good at was he does and frankly, he loves it. I’ve had some ups and downs with my health over the last few years, but I choose to endeavor into a business of my own, regardless, as well. Alas, the heads of those health issues have raised again, and sadly I find that I’m no longer able to maintain my business as it was. My husband being the proactive thinker he is and continually looking out for our best interests has made a choice to re-brand my business into something he can make successful, as an independent distributor for a company that makes and sells high quality, life-improving products. So, while he began this process, and continued with his existing business, I was able to take a breath and focus on my most recent impending surgery.sad yuck feeling

While I’m not able to help ‘support’ us with working right now, I can absolutely support us by helping to support his decision to embark down this path, so when he said he needed to become familiar with some of the products that he’s going to be selling, I wanted to experience them together as a team.

We’re using just a few products at a time, so as not to overwhelm ourselves, while we learn, feel, and appreciate them for the benefits they can bring to our lives. Among the few products we’ve begun using are vitamins and minerals, and the timing of said use just happened to be about three weeks before my surgery was scheduled. Now, I will say that part of my daily routine already included taking a multiple vitamin and calcium, because I’m sure everyone knows as well as I do that part of taking care of ourselves is including these into our lives. For years I have just taken whatever happened to be available in my local grocery store, and honestly, I never looked at a brand or ingredients more than just skimming the label. So, when these new vitamins and minerals arrived, I put the other ones away in the cupboard and replaced them with these, and of course just skimmed the label, telling myself I’d look closer at them later when I felt better.

Jumping with joyFast forward to surgery. Today is one-week post op. The difference in recovery I feel between this one and my others, yes plural; I feel that’s important for you to know not for the sake of sympathy but for understanding that this experience is being compared to more than just ONE other surgery, is quite remarkable.  I’m not going to bore you with rambling on about all the nuances of this surgery versus the others, but I will tell you that as a whole, and in a very short period of time, I have been feeling better, and stronger not only far quicker than the others, but quicker than I ever expected. I wish I could say that I’m 100% positive that its due to these new vitamins and minerals, but you and I both know that there is no way for me to know that with certainty. However, they are the only change, even though it was by chance, I made before this surgery that I didn’t make for the others.

When this realization dawned on me a few days ago and of course so intrigued me, I got those old vitamins out and compared them to the ones I’m taking now, thanks to my husband. Again, I’m not going to bore you with all the nuances of comparing the labels, but I was very pleased to find that while some of the ingredients matched, these new ones far outweighed the others. Mind you, I really only did a very brief and cursory lookup of each vitamin and mineral listed, but it proved to be very enlightening and educational on how this new combination works together and why they may actually be a big part of my positive, successful recovery thus far. I can say that I will continue to keep these as part of my health routine and now that I’m finally beginning to feel better after a handful of years of yuck, I find the energy and drive to make even more positive improvements in my life is returning. This is why I shared this with you, because I would like someone else to be able to experience this type of positive effect in their lives as well.